Final review morning, we split the presentation up, so that those who never stop talking, give the rest a chance to talk. We made an installation, showing the procession through the area we covered.

My last final review at NJIT, and I was disappointed in how it went, I guess you can never account for a bad review when you have really put sooooo much work into it, but it’s over. I guess next time you can only hope for a little bit better team work.

To make up for the bad review, was an AMAZING DINNER OUT!!! 4 COURSES OF PURE GLORY!!!

Followed by a “Good Bye” to the staff, and Thanx for a great finale to my NJIT carrier!!!



collage o’ trash!!!

collages made of whatever I can find…

old newspaper, magazines, flyers, etc…

country vs. city

Just a few words to explain my concept…

– I first wanted to show the country and city as very different, good and bad government is not determined by the location, but instead by how it is organized. I looked at the good of both country and the city, seclusion can be good, as well as being surrounded by your community. the map through the center is meant to represent the wall of Siena, and how it is a clear distinction between either side of the wall. Fruit can be grown in the country and wine can be made, but the city area is important for the distribution, and economy.

Good vs. Bad Government

– In good government I represented casual/conversational drinking, food, musicals, healthy excerise, music lessons/learning, and a cmmunity of workers who look happy.

– Where on the bad government side, I showed obesity, strippers, scary music, weapons, drug use, drugs, tattoos, energy drinks, and excessive drinking and partying. All these things are what bring a community down, and represent bad government.



parade before palio

neil shah in 20 years

sting and Matthew McConaughey

Palio Starts

Got there around 4pm, with the Palio starting at 7:15pm, and yet we were still later than we should have been. When in the Campo, we stand near people who are sitting, in all hopes that when everyone stands we can sneak up close to the fence. We were very successful, and found ourselves only 3 rows away from the fence, SUCCESS.

The race starts after a very cool, but very LONG parade.

There are many false starts, followed by a fight between the jockeys. Everyone has their team which they want to win, mine being Selva, the forest Contrada, known for their potters and archers. Once the race starts, it is over in a very short 90 seconds, and Selva does not win, the Jockey isn’t even able to stay on the horse for the entire race.

When the race is over and Tortuise  wins, the jockey is stripped down to his briefs, and everyone runs to follow the winning contrada and jockey to the Duomo. There, they crowd surf him to the front and continue to sing and cheer.



Palio Trials, in a means of trying to get in the front row, we line up in front of where the front gate will be placed. This was unsuccessful, as a whole group of people line up infront of the gate point, only to be pushed into everyone else pushing and squishing their way through. My contrada wins the trials… wooo!!!

Whats Poppin’

8.11.10 – 8.13.10





paint color trials

color swatches

Its all about the process, and trust me, figuring out how the popping up would go was the hardest part. I first started from the church and worked my way in, but that was not the best way I found out, the way to waste the least amount of paper was to start from the center of the piazza, and work my way out, leaving me with very little wasted paper. After many trials, and a long night of watercoloring, I feel as though my pop-up was a success…











weekend out with my sis and joe

July 30th – August 1st

With Thursdays class coming to an end, we have the weekend to ourselves. Being very unorganized, my group (me, cara and joe) have nothing planned. We decide to go to Pisa and see the leaning tower, something none of us have done, and from there we will go with the flow and find what we want to do next. We take a bus from Siena to Florence, from there we grab a train to Pisa. Once in Pisa, we see on the map that we are on the opposite side of town to see the tower, what a great time to explore the city. We walked from one end of the city to the other, we explored all around the exterior of the leaning tower, but were reluctant to pay the price of entrance. The experience from the exterior was very well worth the trip.

But, now where do we go, the leaning tower was a good half day experience, now we only have to fill the second part of our day, along with the rest of the weekend. We hear from locals that Lucca has nice beaches, and we remember Jim Dart saying that it was a great town to explore. So we grab the first bus there, and are on our way to another derive. When we get to Lucca, we decide finding a place to stay is the most important part, (after talking to info desk) we head for a nearby B&B. once there, the owner is AWESOME… he shows us around, he shows us how to work everything, right down to the curtains. Also allowing us to have 3 people for the 2 person price, he then highlights the place on our map and stamps it with an address, he is worried we won’t find it after some wine, what a sweet old man.

THE ROOM IS ANOTHER STORY, we have 1 queen size bed, and that is all for the 3 of us. The room does not even have a bathroom, instead we have to use the one down the hall. Also this bed and breakfast does not have breakfast, they are 1 for 2. But, you get what you pay for, and at 40 euro, split 4 ways, this is exactly what we need… and it gives us great stories for the blog.

We wonder around the town, seeing that the town is exactly what Peter Lang was talking about in the lecture. A fortress town, where there is a fortress wall surrounding the entire town. This wall was an important part of the town, which was utilized by many different people in different aspects. People working out, running, jogging, karate class, people playing games, children playing, tourists exploring the area, and some gypsies squatting the area. In order for us to feel as though we understand the area, we decided to explore it in 2 different ways, looking at it as a tourist as well as in a leisure aspect, biking through the area early in the morning. The town was a great experience, very calm, and family oriented.

After the bike ride, we head off to find the beach, we went to Viareggio, which was GORGEIOUS, and well worth it. Spent the day there, then found a bus back to Florence, where we wandered around, saw the Doumo, and then got back on the bus to head back to Siena.


July 23rd and 24th, 2010

In these next couple days, we worked on our group projects, including the first mapping project, the mappa mundo, and then the installation on the site.

The first  morning we do presentations on the mapping project. Our group decided to map our entire experience, showing each journey using words of things we saw, heard, smelled and felt both physically and emotionally.

Then we went along to represent these in physical form on the stage, using materials we found in the park and in the dumpster. It was a unique experience, especially watching the guys try to get the camera in the air and at an angle where it could see the whole stage and our whole process.

This lead to the final installation, and my favorite part, where we can feel as though we did some good for the asylum. Where we rehabilitated the garden, this was NOT an easy task. As we present, we are satisfied with the outcome, and think it all came together well.



This morning we start by splitting into groups of about 6 to explore Monte Mario, my group decided to take bikes for our trip. This was a great decision, with how hilly our terrain was, with the bikes, we better understood the terrain, as in some parts we struggled with the hills, and in others we were fine for some easy riding, the bikes also cut our travel time in half, which was also good, since we were all ready for our afternoon off. The bikes brought along a separate problem, as we then had to maneuver around cars, trying not to get hit, or in some way hit them. We were sent off to discover the newly developed area, social housing, farmland, and already developed commercial streets. With all that we had to cover, the bikes were a great way to do this, and throw some cardio into the mix. It was a great trip, though it brought up an earlier issue, as we approached the field area, we noticed that it was completely fenced off, which was similar to the asylum, where they kept the garden area out of reach to the patience and nurses, as well as general public. “Why have all this green space, but keep it inaccessible?” But, there are no time for answers, it is time for our afternoon off… Saint Peters, Vatican City, here we come.

Saint Peters- Before we go, it is a little bit of a struggle to find clothes that are acceptable, as we do not want to offend anyone, or not be admitted in. but, once we get our clothing figured out, we are on our way… we grab the train from Monte Mario, and get off at San Pietro, easy as that. The line is not to bad at Saint Peters, so within 20, minutes we are in. Stairs = 5 euro, Elevator = 7… we take the stairs, and decide the extra 2 euro would be better used on gelato at a later time. The trip to the top is a little crazy, angled walls, stairs that keep getting narrower, not to mention there are 551 of them. But, once we get to the top we know why we came, the view is like no other, and as I can show you pictures, they do not do it justice, as the view is unabled to be captured at its real essence. Either way we take tons of pics and then make our way down to then look at the cathedral, also breathe taking. The light was coming in just right, the interior just glowed, absolutely AMAZING. If you haven’t been you are missing out.

COLISEUM – This was not enough for the day, we then venture to the Coliseum, where the sun is just coming down enough, and the pictures come out great. We attempt a couple group shots, (hard to do with a big group), the boys play around doing their tricks, and eventually we leave, only after being gypsied for a beer, 4 euro… WTF!!! It was a great day, now to find the night life…



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